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Functional bridity often occurs due to excitement, overwork, diseases of the secretion organs, burns of the oral cavity. In confectioners, functional bridity occurs as a result of microzide pills stay in workshops with high temperatures and supersaturated smells of sweets, but lasts no longer than two to three hours. The complete lack of culinary taste in this or that person, equivalent to the lack of hearing of a musician. Such persons should not be allowed to work as cooks.

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Temporary loss or distortion of microzide in a cook or confectioner, similar to the temporary loss of a singer's voice.

In order to avoid the penetration into the environment of cooks and confectioners of persons who have bredness and are actually incapable of this profession, even if they had a personal desire to engage in it, first candidates for cook apprentices before trainingThey always underwent a special test for bribery, and only after that the question of admitting them to the rest of the exams in the profession was decided.

This is the so-called functional bullshit.

Such delirium occurs as a result of overwork, excitement, diseases of the internal secretion organs or burns of the oral cavity after tasting too hot food or drinks. Unfortunately, bridity, which has always been considered one of the most serious occupational diseases of culinary specialists, today often remains outside the attention of only hydrochlorothiazide pills, doctors, but sometimes even the chefs themselves.

Various measures have been taken for a long time to prevent rancidity and maintain a fresh taste sensation throughout the cook's working day.

Secondly, the cook during the working day continuously from time to time had to rinse the mouth with various refreshing (mainly fruit or vegetable) compositions or spring water. Thirdly, already in the 18th (18th) century, a procedure was established in which the cook had the right to eat only after both breakfast and lunch were cooked, that is, immediately before the dinner was served to the table, not earlier than 12 noon. A reminder of this order is still the opening time of restaurants, timed to 11-12 hours.

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Due to prolonged interaction with the smells of food and the constant testing of various dishes, as well as due to overwork, fatigue, or burns of the oral cavity (hot food or drinks), a cook or confectioner may temporarily lose or distort the perception of taste. Such functional bredness should be distinguished from complete bredness, which is characterized by an innate inability to taste and serves as a sufficient basis for a person’s professional unsuitability in the field of cooking.

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The unspoken rule of cooks is that at the first symptoms of hazing, you should immediately leave work and consult a doctor for medical help, or simply arrange a long vacation for yourself, during which the ability to smell and taste food will be restored. In confectioners, by the way, the symptoms appear less clearly and disappear in a couple of hours.

Functional bridity is such an occupational ailment that only the patient himself, and not the doctor, can establish, since there are no ways to make this diagnosis objectively. Although they say that they have already invented special methods that determine the presence of bridity. Good educational institutions without fail test future culinary specialists for taste perception. If an applicant has bredness, he may be refused training.

If the ridicule was the result of an infectious disease, for example, influenza, then first of all it is necessary to eliminate the root cause. It is recommended not to self-medicate. An appeal is required to a therapist who, if necessary, will prescribe medication (including a course of antibiotics), refer you to narrow specialists and tell you what tests to take.

If the fever appeared due to stress or severe emotional fatigue, the doctor may prescribe drugs that saturate nerve cells (for example, magnesium), massage, psychotherapy.

If bridity appeared due to bad habits (for example, smoking), you should completely abandon them so as not to provoke a relapse. Since there are many reasons for the occurrence of brooding, the treatment in each individual case will vary. An individual medical consultation is required.

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